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Porous Pipes / Wastewater Treatment

Advanced Filtering Systems

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 Strategic Capital and Partnerships

The company is seeking investors and strategic partners for:

  • Regions worldwide 

  • Capital investment

  • Manufacture of porous pipes

  • Manufacture of wastewater  treatment modules

  • Installing and servicing wastewater treatment systems

  • Marketing and sales

Strategic Technologies - Intellectual Property

  • Wastewater filtering and processing system

  • Water collection and distribution system

  • Replaces slotted liners for more efficient extraction of oil and gas

  • Filters fluid flows

Exotex Porous Pipe System - Filtering and Processing

Porous pipe is made from composites that resist corrosion and erosion. The pipe is produced so that the inside and outside surface areas allow for fluid flow. The amount of flow is contingent on the size of the flow paths in the pipe and the pressure differential between the inside of the pipe and the outside of the pipe. The pressure characteristics also determine the direction of the flow. Any particle that is larger than the diameter of the flow path will not flow thru the porous pipe. The porous pipe can be used to filter different size particulate depending on flow path size of the pipe. A flow path can vary from millimeters to microns in diameter.

By using porous pipes in combination with other technologies, wastewater treatment can be improved and the capital for implementation can be reduced.

As shown below there are two ways to filter using a porous pipe.

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Filtering and Processing Performance Metrics

Filtration Metrics.png

The Exotex Porous Pipe System:

-   filters particulate

-  treats bacteria

-  treats viruses

-  aerates

-  sanitizes by applying heat

-  ultra-violet radiation sanitizes

-  optionally uses chemicals

-  optionally uses reverse osmosis             membrane filtering  

 All part of an integrated system.

Wastewater Market

Used water that can include:

• Human waste

• Animal waste

• Biological waste

• Waste from storm drains

• Food scraps

• Oils

• Soaps

• Chemicals

• Water from sinks, showers, bathtubs,

   toilets, washing machines and dishwashers

• Business waste

• Industrial waste

• Mine tailings

• Fracking water

• Drilling mud

Target markets:

• Municipal water management (sewage, storm drains)

• Automotive manufacturing

• Electrical equipment manufacturing

• Printed circuit board manufacturing

• Papermills

• Slaughterhouses

• Mine tailings

• Oil production fracking

• Oil filtering and separation

• Oil drilling mud filtering and separation

• Commercial waste

• Animal waste

• Agricultural waste

• Water wells

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