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Rehabilitation of Corroded and Eroded Pipes

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 Strategic Capital and Partnerships

The company is seeking investors and strategic partners for:

  • Regions worldwide 

  • Capital investment

  • Manufacture of remediation kits

  • Repairing corroded pipes

  • Marketing and sales

Strategic Technologies - Intellectual Property

  • Corroded water pipelines

  • Corroded oil, gas & chemical pipelines

  • Water distribution systems

  • Oil & gas collection and distribution systems

  • Continuous pipeline (no welding or connectors) 

  • Elevated mounting systems

  • Offshore mooring systems

  • Solid-state connectors

Aged Pipe Issues

CO2 Corrosion image.png
H2S Corrosion Image.png
MIC Corrosion Image.png

Oil, Gas and Biological Pipe Corrosion

Three types of corrosion can occur in oil and gas pipeline systems when CO2 and H2S are present in the hydrocarbon fluid sweet corrosion, sour corrosion and biological corrosion:

  1. Sweet corrosion occurs in systems containing only carbon dioxide or a trace of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) partial pressure < 0.05 psi)

  2. Sour corrosion occurs in systems containing hydrogen sulfide above a partial pressure of 0.05 psi and carbon dioxide

  3. Microbiologically-induced corrosion (MIC) is the activity of microorganisms can change the nature of the aqueous environment which leads to hydrocarbon being degraded, clogging, souring, and more specifically the localized corrosion of pipeline steel.

ExoFlo Pipe Reconditioning System (“EPRS”)

EPRS Image.png

Fig. 1 illustrates profile of spray coating against a heavily corroded pipe wall profile. While coating covers pipe surface, overall profile is still uneven causing turbulent fluid flow

Fig. 2 illustrates profile of rebuilding the inside wall of the pipe against the same wall profile. Reconditioned profile is even and smooth allowing laminar fluid flow

Pipe Flow Drop Due to Corrosion - ExoFlo Pipe Solution to Increase Flow

EXOFLO Flow Table.png


No replacement of pipe

-  No pipe excavation

-  No welding

-  No cathodic protection

-  Low lifecycle costs

-  Non-metallic corrosion resistant solution

-  Environmentally compliant

-  Repair speed = 1/10 mile per hour (after setup)

-  Fastest implementation time (speed to start production)

The cost for repairing corroded pipe is substantially reduced

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