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Volumetric Oil / Gas Extraction

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 Strategic Capital and Partnerships

The company is seeking investors and strategic partners for:

  • Regions worldwide 

  • Capital investment for identified projects

  • Volumetric extraction of oil and gas projects

  • Clean generation of  baseload electricity projects

  • Tier 4  low cost data centers

Strategic Technologies - Intellectual Property

  • GTherm Comprehensive Energy System 

  • Clean Extraction with CO2 Sequestration

  • No Flaring, No Fracking

  • “Green Boiler”

  • Advanced Oscillator

  • Pulsing Injection Flows

  • Legacy EOR technologies integrated into a synergistic process

  • Volumetric extraction extends reservoir life 

  • Volumetric extraction increases daily extraction rates by 2 to 4 times

  • Non-stop Clean Electricity for Tier 4 Data Centers

EPA Compliant
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  • No flaring of gas.

  • No fracking.

  • No methane emissions (worse than CO2).

  • No Green House Gases (“GHG”) emissions - CO2 sequestered and used for stimulation of crop growth (as depicted below). The CO2 in the air in a greenhouse or grow room can be depleted rapidly by actively growing plants. Plant growth ceases when the level gets below 200 parts per million (ppm). Research has shown that levels of 800 to 1,000 ppm can increase yields 10% to 25% with a much bigger plant yield.

  • Positively impacts climate change reducing carbon footprint.

Clean Baseload Electricity
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Modular Power Unit

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  • Low-cost non-stop electricity

  • No fracking, flaring or methane emissions

  • Clean baseload electricity

  • Sequestration of CO2

  • Negative carbon emissions

  • Non-stop electricity

  • Volumetric extraction of oil and gas

  • Positively impacts climate change

  • Distributed power

  • No electric distribution charges

  • Non-stop cooling

  • No harmonic distortion

  • Low-cost land

  • No backup generators

  • Low-cost NetZero bulk hydrogen production

  • Microgrid

  • Jobs

  • Modular implementation (scalable)

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