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Non-Metallic, Non-Corroding Pipes

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 Strategic Capital and Partnerships

Strategic Technologies - Intellectual Property

  • Water pipe

  • Oil, gas & chemical API certifiable pipe

  • Insulated pipe

  • Collection and distribution pipe

  • Modular storage systems

  • Elevated mounting systems

  • Offshore mooring systems

  • Solid-state connectors

  • Oil & gas transport systems

The company is seeking investors and strategic partners for:

  • Strategic Partners for Regions worldwide  

  • Capital investment

  • Manufacture of non-metallic pipes and components

  • Partners for installing new pipelines

  • Marketing and sales

Non-metallic pipes that replace steel pipes and do not corrode or erode with competitive pricing and a state-of-the-art automated modular facility
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API 15HR certifiable composite petrochemical (oil, gas, chemical) pipe: up to 1,000 psi (advanced resin)

  • API Compliant at 1,000 psi

  • Required pipe testing pressure = 1,500 psi

  • Required Flange testing pressure = 1,500 psi

  • Testing pressure used = 2,500 PSI


  • No corrosion or erosion

  • No welding – solid state connectors

  • No pipe coatings

  • No joint coatings

  • No cathodic protection

  • Low life cycle costs

  • No non-destructive testing

  • Lower weight than steel

  • Lower freight costs

  • Low maintenance

  • Impervious to corrosive chemicals

  • Supports pigging runs

  • Resistant to particulates and impurities

  • Reduction in capital costs

  • Reduction in operating costs

  • Enhanced speed to operations

  • Manufactured to specifications

  • Non-flammable – higher temperatures

  • Designs that are fit for subsea applications

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