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 Energy Solutions

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 Strategic Capital and Partnerships

The company is seeking investors and strategic partners for:

  • Regions worldwide 

  • Capital investment for identified projects

  • Volumetric extraction of oil and gas projects

  • Clean generation of  baseload electricity projects

Strategic Technologies - Intellectual Property

  • GTherm Comprehensive Energy System 

  • Clean Extraction with CO2 Sequestration

  • No Flaring, No Fracking

  • “Green Boiler”

  • Advanced Oscillator

  • Pulsing Injection Flows

  • Legacy EOR technologies integrated into a synergistic process

  • Volumetric extraction extends reservoir life 

  • Volumetric extraction increases daily extraction rates by 2 to 4 times

Clean Baseload Electricity
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Modular Power Unit

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  • Low-cost non-stop electricity

  • No fracking, flaring or methane emissions

  • Clean baseload electricity

  • Sequestration of CO2

  • Negative carbon emissions

  • Non-stop electricity

  • Volumetric extraction of oil and gas

  • Positively impacts climate change

  • Distributed power

  • No electric distribution charges

  • Non-stop cooling

  • No harmonic distortion

  • Low-cost land

  • No backup generators

  • Microgrid

  • Jobs

  • Modular implementation (scalable)

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