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Clean Integrated Profitable Solutions

GTherm Clean Technologies

GTherm, through its companies and their subsidiaries, has developed environmentally compliant intellectual property and know-how that can profitably address, individually or in combination, the Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations. Through the targeting of substantial, multi-billion-dollar infrastructure markets of opportunity and in partnership with local and global businesses, profitable initiatives can be spawned from these technologies and proliferated to drive a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world.


Target Markets

  • Oil and Gas Extraction

  • Electricity Generation

  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling

  • Green / Grow Houses

  • Data Centers

  • Low-cost Clean Bulk Hydrogen

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Composite, Non-Metallic Pipe for pipelines

  • Pipe Corrosion Remediation


A goal of the GTherm portfolio of technologies, Clean Integrated Profitable Solutions (“CIPS”), is to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") considerations into its project initiatives.


The relevant CIPS technologies include:

  • Volumetric clean extraction of oil and gas (no flaring or fracking)

  • No emission of carbon dioxide or methane

  • Clean generation of electricity

  • Convert oil field assets into an Independent Power Producer

  • Thermally efficient green/grow houses

  • Low entropy geothermal heating and cooling

  • Non-stop Tier 4 data centers

  • Clean Hydrogen System

  • Wireless broadband

  • Porous pipe filtering

  • Wastewater processing / Desalination

  • Non-metallic composite pipes

  • Repair of corroded pipes



The company seeks to form strategic partnerships for the regional development of CIPS.

The first regional focus is North America. Additional regions can be implemented as soon as the appropriate capital and strategic business partners are engaged.


The company is going to use CIPS with strategic partners to enable the development of "Clean Smart Cities".

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