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Clean Smart Cities / Clean Planned Communities

The company is seeking investors and strategic partners for:

  • Strategic Partners for Regions worldwide 

  • Capital for identified Clean Smart City / Planned Community Projects

  • New Clean Smart City / Planned Community opportunities

  • Implementing the required solutions

  • Setting up the proper governance 

  • Marketing and sales

 Strategic Capital and Partnerships

Major Environmental Problems Challenging Humanity

  • Air: air pollution, climate change, ozone depletion

  • Water: water pollution and scarcity – worldwide shortage predicted to be between 30% - 40% by 2040

  • Food: many nations import > 50% of their food – worldwide shortage predicted to be between 30% - 40% by 2040

  • Energy: the world is short of energy; third world countries do not have enough energy for social or economic reform.

Smart City / Planned Community Concept

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New Clean  Infrastructure Concept

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The CIPS portfolio of technology solutions provides the path for implementing "Clean Smart Cities". CIPS, with strategic partners, has a planned phased approach to a Clean  Implementation.

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Strategic Application Opportunities

Bring Businesses to the Smart Cities and Planned Communities

Phase I:

•GTherm OGP - Clean extraction of oil & gas and electricity

•CleanCrops - Food grown in clean and controlled grow/green houses

•Exotherm - Geothermal heating and cooling

•GTherm DC5 - Non-stop Tier 4 Data Center

•Encompass - Wireless broadband

Phase 2:

•ExotexPorous - Porous Pipe Manufacturing / Wastewater Treatment

•Waste to Energy

Phase 3:

•Exopipe - Non-Metallic Pipe Manufacturing

•ExoFlo Pipe – Remediation and repair of corroded pipes

Phase 4:

•ExotexPorous Pipe - Desalination

•Support for electric vehicles

•Houses and apartments

•Commercial buildings, Office Buildings

•Industrial facilities

•Municipal facilities

•Manufacturing / Refining, Chemical plants, Fertilizer Plants

•Schools, Hospitals, Training facilities

•Retail / Distribution

•Intercity electric monorail

•Electric monorail connecting cities and communities


Foundation technology for a Clean Smart City

Strategic Partners /

Joint Ventures

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