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Environmental Focus

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Clean Integrated Profitable Solutions ("CIPS") 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ("SDG") are meant to address the following major worldwide problems facing the earth:


Shortage of Food

- 10%-12% of world population are undernourished.

- 25,000 people die of hunger each day

Shortage of Water

- 1 out of 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water

Shortage of Energy

- World energy demand to increase by 19% by 2040. We would need 2x the amount of energy used today.

- Oil demand will increase 7% and natural gas by 29% in 2040

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The world has enough food for the roughly 7 billion people alive today, but nearly a billion are hungry or malnourished, mostly due to poverty and unequal distribution. To feed those who are currently hungry and the additional 2 billion-plus people who will live on the planet by 2050—our best projections are that crop production will need to increase between 60 and 100 percent.

CIPS Social and Economic Reform 
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CIPS positively impacts 14 of the 17 UN goals

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