GTherm Inc. is dedicated to the development of environmentally-sound thermal process innovations for application in geothermal and enhanced oil recovery markets

  • GTherm Poder, Inc. is engaged in the development of geothermal power plant projects that can efficiently harvest the earth’s heat energy while minimizing negative environmental impact. GTherm closed-loop technology extracts heat from widely-available ‘dry hot rock’ for the generation of green energy. The process creates no water or air pollution, has a very small carbon foot print and limited visual impact.
  • GTherm EOR, Inc. is engaged in the acquisition and development of onshore crude oil recovery projects through joint ventures targeting the development of proven oil-in-place assets. Greenfields (concessions that have never been vertically drilled), underperforming fields and depleting or capped oil concessions will be developed utilizing the proprietary process innovations of the GTherm Comprehensive EOR System. The System improves the efficiency and cost of extracting hydrocarbon assets through its thermally-based volumetric processing approach that lowers viscosity and influences oil flow direction. The innovation process also minimizes environmental impact versus legacy EOR approaches.